Playing Day 2016

The Glasgow branch hosted a playday on a beautiful day in April with Sheila Richards as guest conductor. We had a number of guests from other branches who remarked that it was one of the best sessions they had ever had. This was mainly due to Sheila’s excellent leadership and choice of music. Even the weather was fine, raising our spirits after a long dreary winter.

Amongst the music we played were several pieces that we had not played before starting with the 16th century Elizabethan Songs, a Voluntary by Starling Goodwin and William Wigthorpe’s Phantasia No1.

Sheila’s Riddle Song set the mood for the rest of the playing and we continued with a pleasant stroll through Handel’s’ Where e’er you walk. Then came an Invitation to the Fair from Easthope Martin. We lingered there and Moved through the fair with Paul Richards’ arrangement of the traditional melody. We certainly got around and ended up at the coast with Bobby Shaftoe’s All at Sea. As Sheila remarked ‘that’s a lot of notes’. Sheila was kind enough to comment on the quality of the playing under her direction.

Sheila and Paul had brought a selection of their own editions and compositions, a temptation as always, and much appreciated. It was a great day and the Glasgow branch would like to thank both Sheila and our guests.

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