One to a Part Workshop 2012

In May, three groups participated in a Workshop with Eileen Silcocks. This is always a good experience as Eileen offers so much encouragement and advice. Some of it surely must sink in. There were two quartets and a trio.

The first quartet played The Waterfall by Ann Marshall and Chilcot’s Gigue. Two very contrasting pieces that the group worked on getting the tone poem idea of the one and the period style of the Chilcot.

The other quartet attempted two movements from John Hawkes’s Quartet No. Four that included almost every accidental that is known to man. The Variants movement can be just that, and not always the composer’s variations.

We were delighted to have a trio from Edinburgh for the first time. They had chosen Prelude and Fugue in D minor by William Boyce and Hook’s 2nd Terzetto, both are great favorites with recorder players.

After the tutoring sessions we performed to one another and then enjoyed a wonderful buffet. Eileen rounded off the day with a mass playing of Just Fun by Allan Rosenheck.