Joint Irish and Glasgow Concert

Pam Flanagan, who conducts at both branches, instigated a first venture at a joint event between Glasgow and Dublin. This resulted in five members from Glasgow going over to Dublin for the weekend and a concert at the Lutheran House with more than 30 players in all. The pieces ranged from Holborne’s Pavan & Galliard – intended to display the riches of the lower instruments – through Telemann, Bach and Stanford (being a local lad) to Farewell to Stromness, which is fast becoming a favourite. There were also pieces from a quintet of Irish members again with an exciting range of styles and from the Junior Academy who played a Telemann quartet. Victoria Brooks also played a solo Telemann piece Fantasia no.1 in C major which was lovely to listen to. All in all a successful concert and an enjoyable weekend for all.

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