December 2015

The Glasgow branch has been busy throughout 2015. In November we had a full branch concert at Sherbrooke St. Gilbert’s Church. This was a very large affair, a charity concert with a big audience of paying customers and Nicola Cassells as the soloist. Nicola, described, as ‘The Girl with the GoldenVoice’ is a multi-talented local Classical Soprano from Ayrshire nominated for Best New Artist at the Scottish Variety Awards.  We were the only instrumentalists and performed in between choral groups from Glasgow schools including Douglas Academy Chamber Choir, the current holder of the Anne Wiseman Trophy. Our choice of music went down well from stately Pavan and Galliard by Holborne, Afton Water an arrangement by Brian Bonsor to the jazzy Joshua by Paul Richards. Members of the audience were both surprised and complimentary not only with the range of instruments but the variety of music that can be produced by the recorder. Many of our players had never performed before such a large captive audience and it was a little intimidating to be faced with a packed auditorium.  Never have we kept our eyes so firmly glued on the conductor.

Our less formal group, the Kinmount Players, have been out on the road performing some light music gigs in a couple of venues. We played a Christmas gig at an assisted housing association that went down well with a mixture of simple pieces such as Spanish Airs and Dances by Sanz, Handel’s Lacia Che Pianga and Afton Water interspaced with Christmas carols for audience participation. As usual our audience were interested in the larger instruments and recalled their own schooldays of learning the descant recorder. David, our contra player literally hit the roof, as the ceiling was rather low.  Next time we do a gig we must check the ceiling height.

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